This Sugarplum Fairy Sangria is the perfect winter libation for a crowd.  The Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato adds just right amount sparkle to this drink. Cake flavored vodka gives this drink a non-traditional sangria taste. There is a hint of sugar cookie in this cocktail which makes it extra special. My guests at this years […]

Crostini is one of the most perfect appetizers. You can use your imagination to dream up wonderful combinations to top a crusty piece of bread with. This roasted grape crostini with a chili laced ricotta is one delicious bite. Drizzled with honey and sitting on top of New York Style Panetini this is a great […]


Our Christmas Eve is traditionally laid back and more casual. My dad cooks up a 7 Fishes feast while my mom and I prepare for Christmas Day. The menu on Christmas Eve follows Italian tradition and we have dishes that are mostly centered around fish.  My dad makes shrimp, lobster, and clams all different ways. […]

Every Christmas Eve I look forward to my Dad making, Zuppa di Clams. We celebrate the Italian Tradition of the 7 fishes on Christmas Eve. While my mom, sisters and I are busy prepping for Christmas Day, my Dad takes over Christmas Eve. In preparation he brings all the men in the family to Arthur […]

Chef One was started in 1999 by Chinese Americans who sought to bring Asian flavors to the mainstream culinary scene.  Their factory is currently located in Brooklyn, New York, The factory turns out an impressive 44,000 dumplings per hour. The dumplings and noodles are served in restaurants throughout New York. Chef One has been working […]

The idea of entertaining guests for dinner can result in heart palpations for many. Our desire to please all of our guests can over take us. Visions of Martha Stewart and Ina Garten dance in our heads. We envision ourselves in a stainless apron, pearls, smiling over a table straight from Pottery Barn catalogue. We […]

The Thanksgiving Parade is almost here! Some people anticipate this event just as much as the Superbowl. Just about every other household will be watching the parade as they prep for the evenings big event. The parade balloons have become iconic. Some of them are Thanksgiving traditions in their own right. Some people even have […]

With the holiday’s around the corner a lot of us are busy menu planning. If you are searching for a new all star side dish, search no more! This recipe for macaroni and cheese uses 3 different kinds of cheese. What makes it really special is the topping. Pirate’s Booty Aged White Cheddar is delicious all […]

The most rewarding experiences I have ever had all come from the simple act of volunteering. My parents were always very involved in volunteer efforts, especially my father. I could see the joy he felt in giving to others. It wasn’t always money but sometimes time or talents. Being my dad was a contractor he […]

  This past month, I was able to spend some time out of my own kitchen. Part of cooking is learning from new experiences and being inspired. Everyone is influenced by different things: tastes, textures, colors, and smells, just to name a few. Chef Heidi at the Red Lobster Culinary Development center has created some […]

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