Breakfast for Dinner!

Brian’s favorite meal of the day is breakfast! He has always been a big fan of breakfast food. Have you ever had a craving to have breakfast for dinner? Once in awhile it hits me, and I am not even a big breakfast person. But it is also a good solution on a busy week night! Just keep some pancake mix on hand in the pantry. Got milk? Got eggs? Then you can have quite an impressive breakfast.

So for our breakfast I grabbed a pumpkin pecan pancake mix. This is something I actually got as a gift and its from Williams-Sonoma. It was very good, with some maple syrup! I am not a person who buys and eats bacon on the regular. Its kind of like lucky charms for me, my mom only bought it once in awhile! But recently we had maple bacon (my heart be still!!!) and we have been thinking of it ever since. So I decided to make my own vresion. I basically just took regular bacon and while it was sizzlin’ up I poured in some maple syrup. But if I had some maple sugar on hand I would have used that instead!

Then I decided it would be a good idea to have an egg added into this equation. So I had some chedder cheese on hand and yes, I had chives as well. So I just sprinkled some cheddar and chives on the fried eggs and that gave it an extra “omph” as they say!

And there is our breakfast for dinner. Totally comforting on a winter night 🙂

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