Mediterranean inspired stuffed tomatoes are the perfect solution to a meatless Monday. My moms tomato garden was amazing this year. Her garden yielded tons of tomatoes and eggplants for that matter. We canned the tomatoes, used them Caprese salads, and anything else we could think of! These stuffed tomatoes are filling and flavorful. The cous […]

Roasted baby potatoes are one of my go-t0 side dishes. Most of them time I like them to swim in garlic, herbs, and olive oil. This combination is a no-fail and seems to fit in with most meals I make. However, as I was making a pork loin one day I couldn’t help but long […]

When I roast any kind of vegetable my go to is always salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic. It is a combination that really is fail proof! Sometimes I will splash in some white wine or some rosemary depending upon what it is I am roasting. I was craving something a little bit different and […]

I have been loving using VeeTee rice in the kitchen. It takes two minutes in a microwave or throw it in the saute pan to perk it up. It is great for a quick lunch whether you are packing it or taking a quick break at home. To cure my Monday blues I decided to […]

These Kale and Mushroom pockets are a lot like empanada’s. Anytime you can stuff pockets of dough with anything I think it is a winner. Especially when the kale is cooked down in white wine and mixed up with cheddar cheese!

This is an easy side dish or snack to put together. It is fancy enough to serve to dinner guests or at a cocktail party. But it is also easy enough to throw in as a side dish to a weeknight meal. I use an already prepared flatbread that I have seen in the supermarkets […]

Sauteed brussels sprouts with pancetta are the base for this fall inspired panzanella salad. Tossed with dried cranberries and carrots, this salad is as gorgeous as it is tasty.  The dressing has a bit of sweetness from the maple syrup and just the right amount of bite from the vinegar. Having bread in a salad […]


As soon as the Halloween costume comes off the heavy holiday frenzy begins. I feel like I am thinking of what to bring to Thanksgiving all year round but for most people the panic usually sets in November 1st. There are many different ways to cook a turkey, and the variations on side dishes are […]

I recently had the opportunity to work with Mrs. T’s Pierogies for National Pierogy Day. National Pierogy Day happens on October 8th . Pierogies are dumplings with a sweet or savory filling. The dumplings are considered an Eastern European comfort food. Brought to America by Central and Eastern European immigrants. They are usually associated with […]

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