Del Posto 2

Everything about the tasting menu was fantastic. Everyone I was with thoroughly enjoyed everything they had. It would take me forever, as it already has to blog about it all. But I will give you some stand-out moments in my opinion.

Plain cheese ravioli doesn’t sound to exciting does it? I am actually not even a fan of it! But this was the most amazing sample of cheese ravioli I had ever had! You could tell the pasta was freshly made and what really made this dish was the tomato sauce. It tasted just like biting into perfectly ripe tomato, sweet and tangy. And maybe you would never bite into a tomato but you should!!!You could taste fresh basil throughout the sauce as well. One of my friends had the mussels and said they were the best he ever had. I had them served along with my lamb carpaccio which was fantastic as well. Lamb is such a great tasting meat, I hear its an acquired taste. I just started getting into it this year when I realized that’s meat that was in my beloved gyros! However the Ink-Marbled STRACCHIOTTE with Frutti di Mare alla Marinara, was actually forgettable for me. Its not that it wasn’t good, it just didn’t leave the same impression the ravioli did. I for one like black pasta, or the ink pasta so this was kind of disappointing.

Moving onto dinner everyone at the table got a different entrée. One person went for the duck, the other the venison, someone else went with pork, and I went with the Rare TUNA with Bresaola, Preserved Ventresca and Pumpkin Caponatina. Sounds fancy right? Well it was a very nice piece of tuna, it wasn’t cooked too much but more on the rare side as I like it. Everyone around the table raved about their entrees and at that point its what I expected!

After venturing into dessert we then were greeted with a cart full of different miniature pastries and candies. This was definitely a pleasant end to a wonderful dining experience. Being assigned our own sommelier, having the doors opened, the cabs summoned in the rain all made us feel like we had been somewhere else for the evening.

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