Donut Plant

Happy March (well, um it was March)! And its time for Brians birthday. What better way to celebrate than kicking it off with a visit to the Donut Plant in NYC? Mr. Brian is the king of baked goods and holds a special place in his heart or um gut, for donuts, crumb cake, red velvet cake,sticky buns, girl scout cookies and well whatever else can be baked! I usually roll my eyes when it comes to this, but Donut Plant is no joke. Tres Leches is amazing, and even the pistachio donut was fab! And I am not a fan of pistachio…Get there early because as we found, they run out!

  • Here are some amazing restaurants/bakeries in Northern NJ!
    Lido Restaurant- Hackensack, NJ (The pizza is a must have! Thin crust! Yum!)
    Mills Bakery- Wood-Ridge, NJ (The butter cookies w/ butter cream and sprinkles on top are amazing!! )
    Pizza Town- Elmwood Park, NJ (The pizza is great and the zeppoles are the best!)
    Cucina Calandra- Fairfield, NJ (You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, everything is delicious)
    Eccola- Parsippany, NJ (Love this place!)
    B&W Bakery- Hackensack, NJ (Crumb cake is out of this world)
    Highlawn Pavilion- West Orange, NJ (The NYC skyline is crazy)
    Arthur’s Tavern- Morris Plains, NJ
    Baumgart’s Café- Livingston, NJ
    That’s just a few! I’m sure you’ve been to some of them but if you haven’t been to the first three you must go!

  • Thanks Dana! I will try to get to some of these places!

    I have been going to Pizza Town since I was little! Such memories!
    Eccola is one of my families favorites! We go there all the time!

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