Finally Here!

This is my first official blog post! Obviously! I feel like I have so much unofficial food and restaurant information to share with you I don’t know where to begin. The purpose of this blog is not to annoy people with my personal beliefs on everything food. But rather to just give some insight on where I have been and what I have eaten. You can take it for what its worth and do with it what you please. What I may love, you may hate! But its always worth a try isn’t it? With all of the food blogs out there I highly doubt anyone is actually going to read mine seriously. But at least my food adventures are documented for my own sanity!

I guess I could give some quick background on myself to help you know where I am coming from! Let’s start with some disclaimers. As you may have figured out already I am horrible with grammar. So if you are a real grammar nut you probably end up real aggravated at me, I apologize in advanced. I am not a certified food critic, or have received any number of years at a culinary institute. I am just a little Italian girl interested in eating anything that’s edible, and learning how to cook it. Why am I so interested in food you may ask? It is probably because Italians center everything on food. It is an event and the glue that keeps family together. Also my father is famous for eating around the Tri-State area. Ask anyone about “Bucky” he is a legend. From the streets of Arthur Ave in New York City, to the delis of Lodi and Garfield, to any hot dog stand he is more than an old friend.

Hopefully through this blog you may find some great tips on where to eat, and bring some friends for a good time. And maybe even pick up some good recipes!

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