Happy Birthday to Me!

Some girls ask for jewelry (ahem tiffanys!), some for designer bags, or sunglasses for their birthday. And some just want to go to the brooklyn flea market and eat at every food stand they can fit!!! Then finish it off with a bash at Zinburger polishing off a 3 patty big mac type of burger. Of course that someone would be me, happy belated birthday to me!

At the brooklyn flea I got to eat some rockin food here is a list:
Porchetta- italian pork roast sandwich..these guys are pork rockstars! I can’t describe how well seasoned and tender this meat is…or maybe I just did?

Asia dog- A hot dog topped with pork belly? YES PLEASE!

Milk truck- A gooey grilled cheese your thing? Then this is your truck! With all types of ingredients changing up the standard grilled cheese you are sure to find a new favorite!

Oyster Girl- Although it was all boys at this stand? But you better believe I had them shucking me some early afternoon oysters, yuuuummy!

Zinburger in Clifton NJ- Such a fun, casual place for family, date night, or a group of friends. This place makes you feel like you are getting something special for a reasonable price. Maybe this is why it is PACKED all hours of the day. The specialty burgers, and truffle fries are amazing. Their milkshakes most certainly make you feel guilty enough to get on the treadmill…only so you can have two more!!!

  • Chocolate Cola cake.

    9oz self-raising flour.
    3 heaped table spoons of cocoa powder.
    1/4 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda.
    10oz caster sugar.
    7oz of unsalted butter/margarine.
    9 fl oz/half a cup of milk.
    3 and a half fl oz/1 generous cup of coca-cola.
    2 eggs.

    Gas mark 4/180c.

    1. Sift flour, cocoa + bicarbonate of soda into a bowl, the stir in the sugar.

    2. Slowly melt the butter & cola in a pan over low heat.

    3. Mix the milk & eggs, then add the cola/butter mix (when fully melted) before slowing adding into the dry mixture, stirring all the time.

    4. You may need to sieve the mixture for flour lump bubbles, as the cake is very liquidy at this point.

    5. Put into greased tins/cake cases and bake for around 40 minutes.

    Have fun trying it 🙂

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  • Oh my delishesness ! How do you stay so thin! I think I gained 10lbs just reading that! Lol I must go to jersey! Everything sounds good at the east:)

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