One of the best parts of being part of the blogging community is meeting new people. I have had the honor of following the uber talented Minna Lee of Living Minnaly. I was drawn at first to her gorgeous photography and then soon realized she is total healthy living guru. Not in the way of […]

    This recipe came about in honor of “baby brina” being the size of a pineapple. I have this fun app from Ovia Pregnancy that tells me her size in relation to fruits and vegetables. Of course, I love relating my child to food already. I pray everyday that she is not a pick […]

I will admit I have been on an avocado kick lately. Avocado is such a versatile ingredient. It has a wonderful creamy texture and it compliments many strong flavors. I have also been trying to cook meals that lend itself to a lighter style. During the week I usually try to be mindful of what […]

After coming home from a whirlwind trip to London Brian and I were FULL! We had spent a couple of days in London for the purpose of seeing Mel Brooks. Brian’s ultimate dream of meeting his inspiration was coming true. So I decided to make some of my dreams come true by spending our couple […]

Once in awhile, after work, I go food shopping and I am running low on steam. So even I will grab the rotisserie chicken to save myself. One of the best parts of a rotisserie chicken is the leftovers can be made into something new! Since we have been on an avocado kick lately I […]

One of the new emerging trends seems to be toast. Not just the slice of bread, but what you put on it. The January issue of Bon Appetit devoted a whole article to all the innovative ways you can top your toast. Feeling inspired I grabbed an Avocado and decided to mash it up and […]