Today is national donut day and the stars have aligned. I managed to finally complete my Cherry Port Glazed Chocolate donuts. These have been on my list for at least two years and I finally got around to creating them. Although, with the baby around I did take some short cuts. I used boxed chocolate […]

This salad looks really elegant but is actually super easy! The brown rice and quinoa mixture from Veetee Rice is a healthy base. The addition of color from the cherries and arugula make this salad a pretty addition to your table for those summer nights. Not to mention, it is super easy to make! The […]

I am pretty obsessed with all things Burrata. I love homemade mozzerella and Burrata is like a creamier version of that. Almost like what melted chocolate is for chocolate, that is what Burrata is for mozzerella. I am pretty sure the only think I wouldn’t mix Burrata with is ice cream. Maybe I should write […]