Brian has been bugging me to make some from peanut butter protein bites forever. He had something similar at nearby juice shop one day. From then on he could not get them out of his mind. I knew I would have to come up with not only the right flavor but consistency as well. After […]

Candy Bar Pie

Halloween always leaves us with left over bags of candy. While I love the occasional chocolate bar, I am not a teenager anymore. Therefore I need to get rid of that candy sooner rather than later before it ends up giving me a pre-holiday gut. Maybe that is a bit too much information, but I […]

While making the traditional candy Easter eggs Brian became inspired. I have to give him credit for this recipe. He had been asking me to buy “fluff,” which is a substance mimicking melted marshmallow. I must admit it is very good but I know it is just SUPER bad for you. It is not something […]