At the farmers market I found what looked like round zucchinis. I had never seen them before. I instantly started to brainstorm ways to stuff them. I went to work in the kitchen chopping and sauteing. Coming out with what I feel like is a perfect blend of fall flavors in a pretty little package. […]

Christmas morning is full of anticipation and surprises. It is about gathering under the Christmas tree with your family, enjoying each other.  That doesn’t mean no one gets hungry! This cocoa and cranberry oatmeal is warm and decadent. Perfect for a chilly morning and hungry guests. You can set this up the night before and […]

Sauteed brussels sprouts with pancetta are the base for this fall inspired panzanella salad. Tossed with dried cranberries and carrots, this salad is as gorgeous as it is tasty.  The dressing has a bit of sweetness from the maple syrup and just the right amount of bite from the vinegar. Having bread in a salad […]