The holiday season is in full swing! The air is buzzing with everyone shopping, planning, and prepping. It seems the days go by faster than we can prepare.  Of course, food is at the top of everyone’s checklist. From cocktail parties to tree trimming snacks and Christmas dinner, there is most likely an abundance […]

My dad loves his Italian deli’s and has passed that on to me. He does his best to find the best sandwich place (among other things) where ever he travels. When he would come home from a trip he would always have stories about where he ate. A good sandwich goes a long way. It […]

Recently the women’s group at my church held a fundraiser. Each participant took 3 containers and filled them with whatever they could think of. We had soups, sauces, chili, salads, and other yummy concoctions.  I chose to make a butternut squash soup with caramelized onions. The sweet onions were a perfect compliment to the butternut […]

Butternut squash, goat cheese and sage lasgana has been a new family favorite. This dish is perfect for the fall.  It is creamy and decadent. Goat cheese and Parmesan cheese create a tangy bechamel type sauce. This sauce is added to the butternut squash mixture packing a punch in every bite. My sister Katie loves […]

One of my go to dinners always includes pork loin. Marinating the pork in some herbs and white wine always does the trick and it is fail proof for my family. Recently, I have been inspired to change things up a bit. That is where Smucker’s Fruit & Honey Strawberry Jalapeno Fruit Spread comes in. […]

4th of July is this weekend and people across America will be firing up the grill and setting off fireworks. Everyone goes into a frenzy googling “red, white, and blue” themed dishes. There are so many creative ideas out there but also only so much “blue” food. I took my favorite appetizer Cherry Tomato Bruschetta […]

Our Christmas menu has non negotiable dishes like stuffed shells, antipasto items, and eggplant parm. The vegetable and meat dishes seem to be up for debate every year. Now that I am an adult I have been contributing to the menu planning and cooking. Of course I love it! As much as I am from […]

This recipe definitely qualifies for “Meatless Monday.”  As the crisp fall air comes upon us we start to crave comfort food. This creamy, tangy, cheesy sauce is the answer to the comfort craving. Having spinach and mushrooms in it also makes it feel like you are doing something good for yourself!

March is definitely coming in like a lion. There is hope that we are leaving the winter behind as we turn our clocks back an hour. I almost don’t mind the rainy days because that is helping to wash the last snow storm away. As the days become sunnier it is clear that spring is […]