Baby, it has been real cold outside! We have had two snowstorms already this January. Anything that can warm you up from inside out is necessary on these days. This White Bean, Kale, and Pancetta soup has ton of flavor. Adding in kale and carrots makes it super hearty. The pancetta and sherry in the […]

I think asparagus is perfect with some salt, pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice. The same rings true for most things I roast. Even the most perfect of dishes can become redundant after awhile. Throwing in a new twist on things, even if it is just as simple as a dressing, can make a world […]

Lasagna is one of my favorite dishes to make. Adding the spinach and sausage to this recipe elevates it. The sausage makes the meat lovers in the family happy. The spinach gets in that little bit of green which is always a positive. There is always an extra person at my house. Every Sunday there […]

Brian travels all the time and has to eat out a lot. While that sounds glamorous he is always missing home cooked meals. Luckily, he is married to me and I am more than happy to cook for him when he is home! Recently, he requested Lasagna Bolognese. I have made pasta Bolognese before but […]

I am not one to jump on the New Year cleansing bandwagon. I try to keep a decent balance between cleansing and binge eating all year long! As the holiday season comes to a close and regular schedules resume, that means regular eating resumes. What I mean by that is bringing my lunch to work, […]

During the holiday season everyone talks about how busy they are. There are many gatherings to attend and we always want to bring the perfect party snack. Stuffed mushrooms are great because they can be made ahead. Anything that saves you time during the holidays is a must! These Marsala Mushrooms pack an unexpected punch. […]

I am always hearing people at work talk about how they¬† stress over thinking of quick and easy weeknight meals. It is a challenge to have your family to sit down for dinner together. Even more so a challenge to find something that everyone will eat. This pasta dish is great because it has your […]