If you are thinking this is a play on shrimp and grits, you are right! When I think of polenta I equate to more of an Italian dish. I love how versatile it is. I have made appetizers with it, main dishes, sides, and even dessert. This creamy version with spicy, garlicky shrimp […]


Our Christmas Eve is traditionally laid back and more casual. My dad cooks up a 7 Fishes feast while my mom and I prepare for Christmas Day. The menu on Christmas Eve follows Italian tradition and we have dishes that are mostly centered around fish.  My dad makes shrimp, lobster, and clams all different ways. […]

Food shopping with your husband is very different than food shopping on your own. While you keep your meal planning and budget in mind, he is busy grabbing at everything he sees. I feel like its similar to bringing a toddler along, whining included. As much as I love lobster is not a grocery list […]