As the summer season approaches we fire up the grill and sweep off the deck. Our weekends become filled with cookouts and picnics. Whether you are a guest or a host you will at some point be thinking about what to bring or serve at a bar-b-que. Traditional coleslaw and potato salad are a must. […]

    This recipe came about in honor of “baby brina” being the size of a pineapple. I have this fun app from Ovia Pregnancy that tells me her size in relation to fruits and vegetables. Of course, I love relating my child to food already. I pray everyday that she is not a pick […]


One of the foods I need to stay away from while pregnant is sushi.  A small price to pay for having a little miracle I know. But, it is one of things I am really missing. Yes, I miss having brie or the occasional glass of wine. I also miss my turkey sandwiches for lunch. […]

Roasted baby potatoes are one of my go-t0 side dishes. Most of them time I like them to swim in garlic, herbs, and olive oil. This combination is a no-fail and seems to fit in with most meals I make. However, as I was making a pork loin one day I couldn’t help but long […]

When I roast any kind of vegetable my go to is always salt, pepper, olive oil, and garlic. It is a combination that really is fail proof! Sometimes I will splash in some white wine or some rosemary depending upon what it is I am roasting. I was craving something a little bit different and […]

I told you I was on a tomato kick! How can you resist when you see full on displays in the grocery store of beautiful red, yellow, green, and orange tomatoes? It is one of the most beautiful rainbows to behold! Okay, so I am getting a little poetic about tomatoes. This dish has two […]

March is definitely coming in like a lion. There is hope that we are leaving the winter behind as we turn our clocks back an hour. I almost don’t mind the rainy days because that is helping to wash the last snow storm away. As the days become sunnier it is clear that spring is […]

During the holiday season everyone talks about how busy they are. There are many gatherings to attend and we always want to bring the perfect party snack. Stuffed mushrooms are great because they can be made ahead. Anything that saves you time during the holidays is a must! These Marsala Mushrooms pack an unexpected punch. […]