The weather this year has been stubborn! It seems spring time is having a battle with Mother Nature this year on the East Coast. We are finally starting to see the snow melt and the cherry blossom trees show signs of blossoming. I am ready to get colorful with my produce and give […]

Baby, it has been real cold outside! We have had two snowstorms already this January. Anything that can warm you up from inside out is necessary on these days. This White Bean, Kale, and Pancetta soup has ton of flavor. Adding in kale and carrots makes it super hearty. The pancetta and sherry in the […]

I have always been intimidated by filet mignon. I know it may seem kind of silly, but it is one of those things that intimidated me. I think its because it is considered such a “fancy” cut of meat and it’s expensive. So I thought how sad would it be for me to burn a […]


What should you do with all those apples you picked this weekend? I am sure you can think of a million things, but what you should do is this one pan meal.  I know pork chops and apples are a pretty obvious combination. For the longest time I have stayed away from pork chops because […]

As my husband and I touched down in Iceland we were greeted by the all-consuming darkness and biting cold wind. The hope of seeing the northern lights burned within us and made the cold seem non-existent. As night fell after a day of exploring Reykjavik, we suited up to drive out into the deep night […]

During the holiday season everyone talks about how busy they are. There are many gatherings to attend and we always want to bring the perfect party snack. Stuffed mushrooms are great because they can be made ahead. Anything that saves you time during the holidays is a must! These Marsala Mushrooms pack an unexpected punch. […]