London Part 1: Borough Market

Borough Market

Bread Ahead Bakery


This was our first stop to seek out donuts. My husband is the self proclaimed Donut Hunter and he writes his own blog about his donut finds. Some people say you should start with desert and that’s what we did. Read more about it here —->
It is really hard to come by a bad grilled cheese sandwich. You can’t go wrong with melted cheese and bread! Years ago Brian and I had a whirlwind trip to London and Paris. Walking around Borough Market I had what they call a “toasted cheese” sandwich. This was unlike any grilled cheese I have ever had, and it just blew my mind! When we booked our trip my first request was getting the chance to eat another toast cheese sandwich at Borough market. I am currently wishing I had it here with me now!

Nana Fannys
Walking around the market I kept seeing signs for “salt beef.” I figured it was something I had try and I spotted a long line at Nana Fanny’s. Taking Anthony Bourdain’s advice I hopped on the line thinking it meant something good. I chose a hot salt beef on rye, English mustard, with sweet and sour pickles. I was instantly reminded of a pastrami sandwich, it was butter soft and salty. The pickles and the mustard were a perfect compliment.

DishItGirl London

  • Oh Dina! You make London look SO deliciously fun! I have been super busy lately and haven’t fully checked out your foodie/recipe updates in a couple months & WOW….so many must-make additions! I know I’ve said it before to you via your twitter & instagram, but I honestly cannot thank you enough for reviving within my own life a love of cooking/entertaining! Gathering people together to enjoy good food can create some pretty memorable moments. Not to mention, the fun I’ve had cooking with my adult daughter & son are times we both have come to really look forward to….and again….I have you to thank. The genuine love you and your family have for one another as you gather to cook & enjoy good food together shines through your words & pictures & videos, and is so inspiring. Though people aren’t always great about posting a comment, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one that feels this way about “dishitgirl”!! Also, my daughter is moving to Boston (and we live in Seattle) so you and Brian need to add a Boston edition to your great foodie finds for your blog! Would love to know what great places are hidden in her new city! Still waiting for you to put out a cookbook!! 🙂

  • You are always the best! Thank you for reading and keeping up with me! I am actually in the process of redesigning the site! Keep praying for that cookbook!

  • Hi!
    I’ve never been to London but the short video you made inspired me. When I get the chance to go there, I will visit Borough Market for sure.
    Thanks for this amazing blog Dina!!
    Love from Brazil

  • I hope you get to go! London is full of amazing markets! God BLess!

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