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I have come across something lately that REALLY bothers me. After giving out recipes, holding dinner parties, giving people restaurant suggestions and just talking about food on level that borders on psychotic people I work with have labeled me a “foodie.” I really don’t think I deserve that label because I don’t really know much of the technical aspects of food and to a real foodie I would probably be a gross annoyance. But I am just simply a person who loves food and loves to share my experiences on it. So at lunchtime conversation at work people were going around asking what each others all time favorite restaurants are. When it gets to me I hear out of the corner of my ear some girl go lets ask her its probably some fancy schmancy restaurant. Really?! Because I think Ruts Hut is a palace and the Belmont is a temple. If you are not familiar with these places get familiar and know they are total holes in the walls. Sure I think some of the fancier restaurants with the bells and whistles are good like the Copeland in Morristown, or Del Posto in NYC. But some people get it really wrong, saying you love food and love acquiring knowledge of food doesn’t mean you’re a food snob. Furthermore, I disagree with foodies who are food snobs because then I feel like they are just abusing a title. Everyone is going to disagree about food. What one person thinks taste like crap another person thinks it’s the best thing ever. So one person’s opinion is never better than the other on the subject of food. Except if you are true picky eater because what would you know if you ate grilled chicken and vegetables everyday? There are peoples opinions you may develop a trust in because you discover your tastes are similar. But no one gains anything from being a food snob. Or just a snob in general!

  • Don’t let anyone’s negative comments influence you! Finding out about this blog that started in 2008 yes I’m 5 yrs late, has been interesting. I love food too and so does my hubby. He watches so many BBQ and food shows and I used to until I became a mommy of 2. Now it’s Pocoyo or Peppa Pig lol! Some people think they know a person or judge others without really knowing them. You love different authentic foods. We are not always wanting McDonald’s or Taco Bell. My hubby and I get annoyed because where we live always has a new restaurant and guess what it is?! Another Mexican restaurant. Don’t get me wrong I love Mexican food. However we like Indian, Japanese, Thai food and there isn’t much around us. My husband can’t stand eating at chain restaurants lol! Anyways….Dina you rock! The more I read your blog the more I think we are soul sisters! Keep up the awesome blog posts! You make me hungry and it’s 11:30 at NIGHT! Sending Hugs!

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