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So this has become a really simple go to dish for me! Whenever Brian has been traveling and I ask what he wants to eat when he comes home he always mentions Kalamata Chicken with twice baked potatoes on the side. I am not sure why out of all the things I make this one is it! But it is! I am pretty sure I have borrowed pieces of this recipe from other recipes but this is the basic gist of it! Disclaimer, its a big one! I DO NOT …Lemme say it again b/c I am sure someone is going to want me to repeat it…I DO NOOOOOOT know how to write recipes, and I am very bad at using measurements when making up my own. So some of these are guestimates. Part of cooking is tasting and adjusting to what you would like. So I am NOT A PROFESSIONAL. Just trying to share what I can. So hopefully you can  make some sense out of it if you want to try it. As time goes on if I get better at it, GREAT. If not, well yikes!

Kalamata Chicken
So basically you can use this on grilled chicken if you wanted to be healthier but I usually do it with chicken cutlets.
Chicken Cutlets:
Italian breadcrumbs
Grated Parmesan
Garlic Power
Olive Oil
In one bowl beat two eggs. Then in another bowl pour whatever brand of Italian breadcrumbs in, measure about two handfuls (1 cup about). It depends upon how many pieces of chicken you are doing obviously! You can use your judgment! I always like to doctor up the breadcrumbs with some grated Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, basil, salt and pepper.  Blend that together.
Then coat a frying pan with olive oil and wait until it gets hot to start putting the pieces of coated chicken.  Take a piece of chicken coat it with the egg then put it in the breadcrumb mixture and coat as well. Then fry it a couple of minutes on each side. Transfer the chicken to another plate, or a pyrex.
Kalamata Tapenade
At the supermarkets you can find olive bars or you can find these olives jarred. Try to find the olives that are already pitted, it saves you a lot of work! These olives are purple, but if you prefer I am sure you can use your favorite kind of olive and make it work!
Kalamata Olives-Pitted
Capers (just like two or three)
Garlic Clove (whole)
(I say no salt b/c the olives are salty enough!)
Olive Oil- just a drizzle
So basically find a blender or smaller food processor, like one of those “bullet” things if you can. Take all the ingredients and dump it in and you are going to aim to make a paste, that’s kind of what a “tapenade” is like. This is what you are going to spread ontop of the chicken cutlets. After that you are going to pour the olive juice in the pyrex dish that you bake the chicken in. If you want you can put some feta cheese ontop of the chicken as well. I basically bake the chicken for like 10 minutes .

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