The Manor, West Orange

I know the Manor in West Orange in infamous in New Jersey for their Seafood Buffet. Most people rave this and there is so much hype surrounding it. That I almost feel liek I don’t want to write this post because I don’t want to discourage anyone from going. But lets be real, who is reading this anyway and taking it that seriously?

I will say its an experience, its one of those things you definitley have to check for yourself once. The Manor is a very pretty place with waterfalls,gardens, and very ornate rooms. The best way to describe the dining room we ate in is I felt like I was eating in Titanic. Usually gaudy decor doesn’t do it for me but this place truly has an antique feel that I am okay with. It is a VERY romantic place and a very nice special occasion spot no doubt!

The buffet I think is good for the money. To be able to eat Lobster and Seafood all you want for 55 dollars a person I think is pretty good. If you love Lobster then this is the place for you and I can see why there are raves. Also there is a ton of shrimp done different ways. And it is good quality. The service is very attentive as well. The rest of the food was not to exciting. It tasted like run of the mill catering hall food, nothing out of the ordinary. The dessert offerings werent very impressive and the colder items melting.

It seems the options and recipes used on the buffet have not been changed since the Titanic days either. Which to some may be part of the charm. But I say the food can be modified without losing the effect.

Even though this post may leave you not running to try the manor I still think its an excellent place to take a date and deserves a try. Plus their a la carte menu might be better. The Manor is a part of the group of restaurants owned by the Knowles family who also own The Rams Head Inn, The Pleasantdale Chateau, and the Highlawn Pavillion all which are highly rated.

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