Tomato and Olive Tapenade Salad

All summer long into the fall you are going to probably hear me talking about the farmers market. I apologize ahead of time if you get sick of hearing me say it! So here it is….

This past weekend at the farmers market I fell in love with all the beautiful red tomatoes and a particular onion. This led to me trying to put a spin on a tomato salad. I am always up for a caprese salad, or tomatoes with cucumbers. As I glanced over at the green olives sitting in my fridge I thought of olive tapenade and my beloved tomatoes. So I thought its time for a wedding.


1 large beefsteak tomato, sliced

½ white onion, sliced thin

¼ cup of pitted green olives

1 garlic clove

1 Tsp of lemon juice

3 Tsp olive oil




1. Place the green olives, garlic clove, lemon juice and 1 Tsp of olive oil in a blender/food processor. Pulse the food processor or blender until the mixture is like a chunky paste. You may want to put more olive oil in the mixture in order to help the mixture blend.

2. Arrange the sliced tomatoes and onion on a plate alternating tomato, onion and so forth. Then sprinkle salt and pepper over the tomato and onion.

3. Then place the olive mixture over the tomato and onions.

  • OMG Dina…this looks so delish! I have been wanting to make an olive tapenade for a while now & this recipe looks easy & yummy 🙂 I’ve been saying for a while now that your family needs to put out a cookbook!!! Thanks for sharing your love of good food & family…it has been inspiring 🙂

  • Jackie Mitchell

    Dina, I love your creations!! I am going to our local farmers market on Thursday and making this for dinner. Thanks

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