Weekend Adventure- Momofuko

Brian and I love to watch Anthony Bourdain shows on the travel channel. We don’t agree on the TV too often besides Modern Family! So we have a Monday night date with the Layover or No Reservations. Sadly, No Reservations is no longer on! But the Layover is keeping us alive!

While watching we are always wishing we could jump into the TV and eat what he is eating, and travel to where he is! When we plan our own vacations we always map it out according to food and spots he has been. Brian is very blessed, he gets to travel a ton for his job. So he is like my own personal Bourdain! We just finished watching the Layover in Tai Pei and got a craving for some good noodles. This let to my first experience at Momofoku in NYC. I have heard about it a lot, so I was super excited to go!

I got the pork buns and they were delicious. I don’t know how they get the bun part to be so pillowy! I mean that really is the only way I can describe it! I feel like I could have eaten a dozen! Then I got the Momofuko noodles. It was a hug bowl filled with noodles, amazing broth, pork belly, and a fried egg on top. It was a unique experience to me and I loved it!

Momofuko Noodle Bar
171 1st Ave  New York, NY 10003

(212) 777-7773
  • To get the bun really pillowly they use this special flour at the Asian market. After mixing the flour into a dough according to package directions, they let it rise for a while and then roll it out and put the meat in. Finally the entire pork bun is steamed.

    I’m half Vietnames and my mom always made this. She still does and I enjoy them so much.

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