Old man winter will just not let up! Although it is the first day of spring another snowstorm is upon us.  My dreams of strolling through the farmers market are officially dashed. So I get out my Le Creuset pot and have prepared one last hearty dish. This is not 100% bolognese sauce or traditional […]

We are now approaching 8 months. Siena does not even seem that old to me. I still perceive her as a newborn. A lot has changed over the past couple of months. She has a bedtime and wakeup time. We have started solid foods. I have started to receive treatment for postpartum issues. Yes, you […]

I can’t believe that I am already writing a post about babies first bites. Siena is 6 months going on 7. She is still our tiny little princess pea, but she is growing quite well. This past month has been full of firsts. Of course, being the “DishItGirl” I have been looking forward to this […]

Baby, it has been real cold outside! We have had two snowstorms already this January. Anything that can warm you up from inside out is necessary on these days. This White Bean, Kale, and Pancetta soup has ton of flavor. Adding in kale and carrots makes it super hearty. The pancetta and sherry in the […]

It has been 6 months since the Siena was born. The time really does go fast; I feel like I just concluded my blog post with her story. At the end of that post I said I was looking forward to telling you how things were getting better. In some ways, they are, but I […]

I am not a fan of oatmeal cookies, however my husband is. He is not into the traditional Italian cookies that my family bakes. Which is totally crazy, I know. He has also been searching for Whole Foods Gingerbread Oatmeal. It is a seasonal item that he looks forward too. I always have to stock […]

  The holiday season is in full swing! The air is buzzing with everyone shopping, planning, and prepping. It seems the days go by faster than we can prepare.  Of course, food is at the top of everyone’s checklist. From cocktail parties to tree trimming snacks and Christmas dinner, there is most likely an abundance […]

  Dr Pepper Snapple Group sponsored this post. I am always looking for a way to give back – especially during the holidays – because I believe everyone should be able to experience the magic of the season in some capacity. There are so many ways to get involved in the holidays: whether it’s volunteering, […]

Christmas morning is full of anticipation and surprises. It is about gathering under the Christmas tree with your family, enjoying each other.  That doesn’t mean no one gets hungry! This cocoa and cranberry oatmeal is warm and decadent. Perfect for a chilly morning and hungry guests. You can set this up the night before and […]

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